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Jan 6th
Why written in pink text with the a colour deep logo beside it

The collective is committed to archiving and documenting our process and learnings. As we update our 'About Us' section, we are moving some of our original writeups to our blog. We wrote this description in November, 2015 when we first launched A Colour Deep

A colour deep signifies the depth and richness of our communities. The name is ambiguous, playful, and hints to our communities; queer, trans, south asian without explicitly naming any.

Choosing a name was not an easy task. We knew what we didn't want - an explicitly queer or trans name, as we knew that some folks may not feel safe or be able to visit a site that is named and/or looks explicitly queer or trans, or relying on stereotypical south asian identifiers, that often centre hindi-speaking or (north) indian culture. In a facilitated process,we spent time coming up with words/ideas that defined the space. After narrowing down words, we created combinations, coming up with ideas for books, bars and a tea shop along the way. We came up with four possibilities and from there, turned to the community for consultation.

To us, and those who provided feedback in the naming process, “colour” was a connecting link within our communities. Colour in itself is linked to being “south asian” and has an impact on our lives. Colour palettes range on a spectrum and vary in depth, seen as the richness of colour and our emotions. While at first, ‘a colour’ may seem singular, the addition of "deep" suggests multiple hues within a colour and/or combinations of many colours within a single colour. The vibrancy of our communities is apparent. The complexities of colours are revealed and also subverted from “a deep colour” to our name: a colour deep.

When looking at all of our possibilities for a name, we wanted to pick a name that evoked emotion and had passion. It needed to be intense. A colour deep wasn’t originally a top contender for a name and it was only after further discussions, we realized that it was exactly what we were looking for. It gave us what we wanted and that made us realize how deep a colour deep actually is :)

We are a collective of four queer south asians, most of whom are youth and some of whom are also trans-identified. We use this account for collective posts and updates. For questions or concerns, you can contact us on this profile, our individual profiles or through the contact/feedback forms.