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May 26th 2016
A purple plate sits on a wooden cutting board, with a deliciously big pile of rice and red kidney beans all mixed together!

Welcome to tasty thursdays with me! kumari! 

What's is tasty thursdays you ask? It's a monthly food and story sharing series, uploaded the last thursday of every month. Full recipes appear at the bottom of each post. Try it out at home, share your discoveries and enjoy cooking! 
Rice. What can I say about rice? It is everything. So many different people use rice in so many ways. It's definitely my comfort food, celebration food, fancy meal, and low cost broke meal. I am a grump if I don't get rice!  It's only recently I've learned more about the ways rice is grown, harvested and processed. The industry seems large, complicated and I'm super interested in getting to know more about labour practices, ways of growing, processing and the environmental impacts. If your into it too, let's chat in the comments!!
Back to the main event. RICE! There is nothing like getting a big bowl of rice and sticking your hands in it. All. The. Way. In. It. The same goes for beans. The combo is a staple in so many places and spaces cause our ancestors were brilliant. When rice is combined with a legume, peew! a balanced nutritional meal results! 
I grew up with rice and peas where the peas were kidney beans. I know the type of legume is debatable...there are many many possible combos of rice and legume. Rice and pigeon peas, rice and lentil, rice and kidney bean, rice and channa, rice and black bean! Ah! I could go on! 
But this post is about rice and peas, this is my aunts classic rice and peas recipe with a few kumari mods that pull out the coconut thyme flavour that I love. My mom and her siblings all grew up in Jamaica and Trinidad, and to this day the best jerk chicken, yam, collards and rice and peas comes out of my aunts kitchen.
Many items are placed artistically on a wooden cutting board. From left to right, A green box of coconut milk sits in a corner, then a yellow onion, a bottle of thyme, a can of kidney bean, and on the right side theres a yellow bowl of rice.
You're gonna start with an onion. Dice it and cook it on the stove in oil til it turns translucent. When it does, add in thyme and cook for a bit longer. You'll smell the thyme as it cooks, and it'll start to smell like magic!
Looking into a pot on the stove, translucent onions and thyme cook away!
Add the coconut milk then split the mixture in half, leaving some in the pot and putting some in a bowl. Add the kidney beans into the pot with the coconut mixture and cook. Now it's really gonna smell delicious. Try some, if you want a sneak peak at what's to come! 
Then it's rice time! I rinse my rice 3 times before cooking, it removes extra starch and any materials that are left after processing. I like to use a long grain white rice, cause when the grains expand and burst they soak up sooooo much flavour! You can use parboiled if you like the grain texture of it too! Those are my top picks- let me know what you like? 
Once rinsed, add the rice and water into the pot. Bring to a boil then cover and simmer on low heat. Peew! Rice and peas here you come! 
Looking down into a pot on the stove, inside is a lighter cream coloured water that's boiling.  There is some floating onion and thyme pieces. Rice and kidney beans are slightly visible underneath the water.
*gasp* after 20 minutes you're done, but remember that magical bowl of coconut and onion mixture you have? Add salt and pepper to taste then stir it in at the last minute before eating. This is key. It is also the secret to my rice and peas. And well, this secret is meant to be shared! Enjoy! Let me know how it goes! 
A purple plate sits on a wooden cutting board, with a deliciously big pile of rice and red kidney beans all mixed together!
Recipeas (haha get it?!)
Rice and peas
1 onion diced
1tbsp oil
2 tsp dried thyme
1 can kidney bean
1 can thick coconut milk
3 cup water
2 cup rice( long grain white or parboiled)
Salt and pepper to taste
Heat oil in a large pot with onion until onion turn translucent
Add thyme to onion and cook for 5ish minutes
Add coconut milk then split the mixture in two, spooning half of it into a bowl, set aside.
Add kidney beans to the remaining coconut mixture in the pot
Rinse rice and add it with water to the pot
Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 20 minutes
Stir in the remaining coconut mixture before serving
*** I use powered coconut milk! Is is my go to item for everything, I use about 2 tablespoons for 1 cup! 
More about me: I'm a mixed sri lankan queer, genderqueer weirdo who grew up cooking with my grandmother kusuma wadinambiaratchi. Although I enjoy cooking everyday if possible, cooking food my grandmother made or ate feels like a ritual that is about remembering, honouring and filling myself + those around me with joy.
weirdo. artist. nerd. human :)