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Anu Radha Verma, a racialized woman with bleached blonde hair and a dark undercut has her back to the camera, while she faces a Zoltar arcade machine. Anu Radha is wearing a purple hoodie, and carrying a brightly coloured tote bag. The Zoltar machine features some sort of spiritual or mystic figure whose hand is floating above a white opaque orb. Anu Radha is focused on Zoltar because Big, the Tom Hanks film from 1988 is her favourite film of all time.
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ACD Collective - Jun 23rd
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Interview with brOWN//out curator, Anu Radha Verma, discussing all things brOWN//out, Pride, and the south asian stage ...more
disco ball with a rainbow flag draped across the picture. A yellow strip with pink text on it writing queer, trans south asian guide to pride
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Berkha - Jun 21st
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Trying to figure out what to attend this weekend? Here's a list of events that I think might be of interest to QTSA's, along with opportunities to meet other QTSA's. ...more
Rabbit, Herbert, and Perri examining a note with curiosity, while behind bushes and the title "Herbert lemon." Perri says, "Be cool."
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Harris - Jul 4th
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Frame 1: Herbert, sits at his desk writing a letter which reads "Thank you Black Lives Matter Toronto, for showing us how to use civil disobedience to improve lives, and for committing to solidarity with other groups when you receive opportunities to make change. Signed: Mr. Inspired." ...more