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Jun 6th

Since launching on Nov 4th 2015, we’ve been on quite a journey. In the past three years we’ve learned a lot, tried new things and seen many changes within the collective and the world at large.

The year after the launch (2016) we experienced a lot of uncomfortable growth. The launch signified the end of a year-long process to build and make real a platform for online community building. We continued to finish site development, curated blog content and started conversations with #thoughtfulltuesdays. The ending of our funding from Ontario Trillium Foundations Youth Opportunities Fund meant we had an opportunity to re-evaluate, and push acolourdeep.ca to build the communities we had dreamed of. At first, it was disappointing to see the lack of engagement. But it grew slowly, as the site gained content and by adding an events section for folks to meet up to go to events around the GTA.

Throughout these changes, the collective had hard conversations about our roles, the division of labour and honest chats about each of our changing capacities. Individually our roles have fluctuated/overlapped/underlapped with each others and have evolved, especially as we've been learning. We’ve had conversations about our role in addressing current events, and are figuring out how to name/honour dedicated days or media covered topics. Collectively, we are all at different places and strive towards honest conversations about social justice and solidarity, which at times has created tension, that we all continue to grow from.

We had one collective member leave and another take a break for several months. To celebrate another year, we partnered with brown//OUT to present GLOW a performance showcase. It was amazing and exhilarating to work with brown//OUT and organize our second big offline event. The celebration continued as we launched “Humans of ACD,” highlighting queer and/or trans south asian folks.

In 2017, we began to work with SALCO to develop, design and launch two archiving posters: ‘Desh Pardesh, Toronto’s radical LGBTQ south asian festival’ and ‘Everyday brilliance: GTA’s South Asian LGBTQ+ Organizing.’ The posters were launched in May, and we were inspired to host two meet up events in the summer; a potluck picnic and an evening campfire.

Over the summer and fall the collective met to consider the process thus far. We have continued to meet monthly post-launch to check in with each other, evaluate our capacities, dream and take action. From that reflection, we’ve created a vision hoping it grows over the next year and beyond; centering humans who we want to engage, hosting offline events, building partnerships, documenting our process and reviewing the collective with the hope of building skills and bringing others into organizing. We continue to do this work on a volunteer basis while looking at opportunities to fundraise and apply for grants when it makes sense.  

We are really looking forward to what’s coming up and are excited to keep you updated along the way.

We are a collective of four queer south asians, most of whom are youth and some of whom are also trans-identified. We use this account for collective posts and updates. For questions or concerns, you can contact us on this profile, our individual profiles or through the contact/feedback forms.