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get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with a colour deep and the QSAY collective. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of the roles:



become a blog contributor

So you’re thinking about submitting a blog post? Here are some useful things to know:

You do you! Which is to say, you can:

  • submit original or previously published work (from your blog etc.)
  • submit anonymously (pseudonyms can be used and are totally encouraged)
    • real names and personal info are not required in order to post your work
  • submit from any geographical region (the collective is situated in the Greater Toronto Area)
  • submit once, on a casual basis or as an on-going series
  • gain support, editing and mentoring from our editors
  • connect with other contributors via events, workshops, live chats, etc. (check out the events calendar!)


Express yourself!

  • Create work in your own voice! We’d love to hear YOU.
  • If your work contains nudity and/or sexual writing/erotica, we’ll have to use a disclaimer and link your work to a separate page within the site.
    • but don’t worry, we’ll use a fun disclaimer!
  • Use coarse language if you want. We don’t mind. We won’t tolerate appropriative language or hate speech, however.
  • If your work is in another language… Wonderful! Let’s talk about what we can do to publish your post.
    • English is our first language, so our capacity to support/translate/edit is limited, but we’ll discuss with you what you need and see what we can do.


You own your own work!

  • Even after submitting something to our site, your work is still yours.
  • If an original piece is published elsewhere after submitting here, we kindly ask that you credit a colour deep as the original place of publication.
  • We welcome previously published pieces! If your work has been published somewhere else before coming to ACD, we are happy to credit the original place of publication.
  • We will always get in touch/check in with you before using your work for other potential purposes (ie. zines, promotional materials, etc).



Become a moderator

Moderators are responsible for creating a safer space that fosters our approach and values on conversations and blog comments. See our blog moderation policy and conversation moderation policy for more information.

We're currently looking for:

  • moderators, especially moderators that might have strong understandings of different issues that exist within our communities!



Become a curator/editor for the blog

Curators are responsible for populating blog content. They can curate an ongoing or one-time series (on a particular topic of their choosing) or gather content for the blog at-large.

Editors are responsible for making sure blog content is being reviewed and published. They may give feedback to contributors, flag content for editing, and follow up on any missing content in a submission.  

Like moderators, both curators and editors are guided by our approach and values.

We're currently looking for:

  • Ongoing or one-time series curators

We are not looking for curators at large or editors at this time.


Become a part of the collective

The Collective is responsible for the structural components of the site, visioning new content, and the ongoing sustainability of a colour deep. We also hold moderation, curation and editing responsibilities and meet regularly in person and online.

We are not looking for collective members at this time and will update this section when that changes.