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browsing anonymously

If you’re using a shared computer and/or are worried about someone else finding out that you’ve visited our site, there are ways you can erase online records and reduce your chances of someone else finding out where you’ve been. The primary ways that your records are saved include:

  • Your cache (copies of website files that you have recently looked at)
  • Your browser history (list of web addresses that you’ve recently visited)
  • Website cookies (small text files that sit on the computer’s hard drive, sometimes used to remember user preferences)

Of these, the cache and browser history are the easiest ways that others can tell what you’ve visited, as they often show up as suggestions when typing a web address.


Before we tell you how to erase each of these, keep in mind that if you erase the entire cache and history, you not only erase where you’ve been but also where other people have been. If a family member or someone else notices that your history and cache are completely empty, they might think that you’re trying to hide something; they will also find out that you know how to erase the history and cache.

When you follow the steps given below to erase the cache and history for your specific browser, we recommend that you do this at the end of each visit so its easier for you to delete files specific to your visit to our site – some browsers even let you delete history for a certain time period. Another option is to clear the history and cache and then spend some time visiting other usually frequented websites so your cache and history fill up again.

Some browsers also offer the option of ‘Private Browsing’, which allows you to visit sites without any data being stored.

Finding out what browser you’re using

If you know what browser you’re using, skip below to see relevant instructions. If you do not know, open your browser and visit “whatbrowser.org” and it will tell you what browser you’re using, including the version.

You can also click on ‘Help’ on the toolbar at the top of your browser screen. Within the “Help” menu, you should see the name of the browser (eg. ‘”About Mozilla Firefox”, “About Internet Explorer”). For some browsers you will need to see which version you are using, which you can find out by clicking on “About [browser name]” under the “Help” menu.

How to clear your cache and browser history

Click on your browser, to see step-by-step instructions on how to clear your cache and history.



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How to clear cookies

Please visit aboutcookies.org to see how to clear cookies for your specific browser.